NPD & SSV, FN und ÖVP, lega n. verbootZen - schicke mal 5.8 mio SHOA OPFER,le auf "tour":n:N: - bONn sCHanZe - s´händelLE hat er nie meer auffigstreckt, weil er isCHt ... - das ist ein dumm dumm gg-shoSS: FOLLOW ure leader: VERLOREN, alles aufgefloGGen, alles futschi, tschau seB, schlammB corlene, VIA - ´earth free´ - von hinnen ANdante... mV v2 jahr

: IT B

ww top no. three is MON berl DA (tried to kill mv twice. 2010 in italy, 2013 II in berl - announced in december 1789 (2012-E)!) - july 20 plus ONE, v2 year

ch b = ww top fascist no 2, responsible for mobbing against the OBAMA administration (for and on behalf of george w = top fascist no 1!) out of NEUTRAL SWITZERLAND on 28th ov november 2010 (= illegal vote against forbidden APARTHEID, seriously planned in and 4 ch!) AND founder a (who had to continue to flee... via island... sweden, uk), against the QUEEN OF FILM and (due to helping protest) even le ministre de la culture de LA FRANCE, frédéric mitterrand, against mischa vetere 2009/20eleven (who after 9th murdering announcement, also due to engagement 4 liberation of rp 09/10, had to flee), responsible for re-introduction of TORTURE (2 death 2010, one in GVA, one in ZH) in the second eldest democracy; christ off b furthermore, helped as minister of justice with a doubtful legislation regarding ´incentives´, helped corrupt FIFA president sepp b with the rip off of SOUTH AFRICA: 3 billion deficit with wc 2010: 3 billion deficit on one side vs 2.5 billion profit in ch. he wants SWITZERLAND to deliberately break with the TRADITION of FRIEDRICH DÜRRENMATT / vaclav havel and henri DUNANT on 9th of june 2013 with further resstrictiONs of the aylumNONright, since 2006 not allowing CH anymore to act according to the GENEVA CONFENTION. mv 22v13 with GK, mf, FD - baVAUD!